Osmose-Error for natural=cliff + leisure=pitch - How to handle?

I get the error in Osmose: “Should be polygon, part of multipolygon or not having area tag” for ways that are tagged with natural=cliff and leisure=pitch at the same time. These are also always tagged with sport=climbing for me, as they are natural rock formations for outdoor climbing.

The wiki recommends leisure=sports_centre for this.

However, I am unsure whether only exchanging the leisure value would solve the problem or whether osmosis would then kick in again.

An alternative would be to open a ticket at Osmose and explain there that natural=cliff + leisure=pitch can exist at the same time, if climbing=sport is also used.

Also an alternative would be to tag the leisure=pitch with climbing=sport as a node in front of the natural=cliff, so that both would be separate.

What would be the best solution?

To my understanding a pitch is a prepared field to exercise different kinds of sports and all samples given in the wiki show such.

The tagging for the climbing area at the cliff does not require an additional leisure=pitch imho. I would just tag it as natural=cliff + sport=climbing which corresponds to the description of the sport wiki page:

A sport=* should normally also be associated with a suitable physical feature where it is performed; often this is leisure=pitch or leisure=track although other surfaces or features are sometimes appropriate, for example natural=beach for swimming and scuba diving. …

… or natural=cliff for climbing …


No, leisure=sports_centre and leisure=pitch are for man-made structures, not natural cliffs. Also, pitches are areas, not ways, while cliffs are ways, not areas.

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