osmconvert: syntax for geographic boundaries

Hello lads :slight_smile:

I’ve got one newbie question regarding osmconvert - specifically the syntax that I need to make a cut with geographic boundaries. The wiki says that I need to enter coordinates for the two corners. The coordinates for my rectangle would be as following:
southwestern corner:
52.08582080000001 (width)
8.000319300000001 (length)

northeastern corner:
52.5035855 (width)
9.451830400000063 (length)

How would the shell command look like (given that the output would again be a .pbf-file)?

Any help is much appreciated? :slight_smile:

osmconvert region.pbf -b=8.00,52.08,9.45,52.50 -o=a.pbf

¿The examples in the wiki are not clear enough?


I found it difficult to figure out how the coordinates fit into the numbers in the command. It may have helped if the longitude/latitude of the given examples would’ve been posted and perhaps a short explanation or synopsis.

All in all, it appears to me that osmconvert is not recommended for the average user as it requires (sometimes more, sometimes less) quite some fiddling and reading and trying. I’d much appreciate a Gui.