Osmarender "Unknown Type" Central America


I have been working with Potlatch to add in information for Nicaragua and Honduras.

Using Osmarender there are some layers where the tiles displayed say they are of an “Unknown type”

I would like to have these tiles corrected so that It is easier for me to see an overview of my work.

I went to information freeway and if I go down to level 12 it gives me the option to define tiles as land, sea or Mixed. I would be happy to do this myself but I don’t know of a way to find out if the tiles at that level have already been marked.

Is there an easy way that I can do this

Thanks in advance

UPDATE: found it ithink: png2tileinfo: water land status

This file is available in SVN, you should be able to use trac browse code

I updated the wiki page on openstreetmap tiles

Thanks for the reply.

Please excuse the questions but I a new to this

My first question is if I go to Information Freeway, select a tile and press L for land then I get a message saying that the tile has been updated, how much time does it take before I can see the results. I have tried this then waited a week and nothing seems to have changed.

does this utility have a problem or is it a problem with my software

I am using osx and firefox/safari to send the requests

I have downloaded the tile that you suggested and I can edit it in GIMP easily and I can see some errors that I can change. This also made me think that the web interface did not take my changes.

The errors that I see do make sense for what I am seeing at zoom level 12 however I have “unknown type tiles” at zoom level 7,8,9,10,11 as well. So I believe that I will need to change these too.

Now that I have a modified png what is the simplest way that I can send the information back

again many thanks in advance

I have no idea… Sorry, I have too little experience with Osmarender. Perhaps someone else can answer this?

I’ll post in the German sub forum to see if someone can help… :wink:

That would be excellent

Many thanks

I’m new to all this too, but in my limited experience the time to get updated tiles rendered seems to vary a lot, depending I suppose on how many other concurrent requests there are, how many T@H servers are online, whether the T@H system is working at all. But though it can take a day, ~1 hour is more typical, and I’ve been getting stuff done within an hour over last few days. So a week seems excessive. It tends to be slower at weekends, perhaps there are more folks doing stuff and fewer servers running.

You have to be at zoom level 12 in IF for this to work. I use R to get things rendered, that works for me. I don’t know what L,S and X do. I use Firefox 3 on WinXP. It doesn’t seem to work as well with IE. The changes will only show up immediately in Osmarender and IF; Mapnik won’t update till the next Wednesday.

correct. it also depends on the amount of data in the tile, for example a empty tile can take minutes, a tile of London can take hours. But the L thing is something else, AFAIK it takes manual labour of the admin of that site (it isn’t openstreetmap.org) to sync the land/mixed/sea with the oceantiles.dat in SVN. But the unknown type thing is a “bug” in the tiles@home server AFAIK, but i am not an expert in t@h. Probably best to send an email to the tiles@home mailinglist or to try IRC.