osmarender error

i have noticed for a long time (weeks or maby monts)
that there is a rendering error in Tórshavn
it is rendered fine in mapnik
i have tryed to check if there are any errors with the validator in josm that cause the error
but i couldn’t find any

anybody have an idea what is wrong ?

sorry maby i was to fast
i had only made a validation of Tórshavn self and not the earea around

some user (michaelcollinson) has made a mass import from GNS and it is extremly unpricice
looks like the source is rounded off to x.xx so that makes a lot of points in the same coordinates
so it effectively unusable, and just a lot of unprecice clutter on the map

i have deleted a lot of the imported nodes aroud aereas i have traced and only keept/moved the ones i know for shure
there are also a lot of dublicated villages and placenames that were there before,just not in the precice same place