Osmarender error

Hi. I am a new user. I have been trying to render a map with osmarenderer. I followed the instructions I think correctly, but am getting an error. I am using xmlstarlet-1.0.1. I have downloaded some sample data. When I start the process with “xmlstarlet tr osmarender.xsl osm-map-features-z17.xml > map.svg” from a command prompt, I get the following errors at the start of the rendering:

C:\render>xml tr osmarender.xsl osm-map-features-z17.xml 1>map.svg
I/O error : Attempt to load network entity http://xobjex.com/service/date.xsl
warning: failed to load external entity “http://xobjex.com/service/date.xsl
warning: failed to load external entity “…/stylesheets/symbols/bird.svg”
warning: failed to load external entity “…/stylesheets/symbols/roundabout_left.
warning: failed to load external entity "…/stylesheets/symbols/roundabout_right

There are whole load more of these failed to load errors. After some time, I do get a map.svg file, but lots of symbols are missing and the sea is not rendered correctly. Any ideas? I did try disabling my firewall, but it made no difference. Thanks for your help.

OK, I solved some of the problem - I had not copied the /stylesheet/ folder from http://svn.openstreetmap.org/applications/rendering/osmarender/ to my root folder. I also had to copy markers.xml to the folder that had my data files. This just left me with the date.xsl error, which I guess is not too important.

However, the rendering of the sea is still not correct. it appears in segments, with the blue alternately on the land and sea side of the coast line. Any ideas on this one?