OSMapTuner – New Feature Requests

Hi OSM-Community!

Is some vital functionality missing at OSMapTuner?

Please discuss it with us!

Thank you,
the OSMapTuner team

I miss just one function: add a new POI.
Editing the existing POIs works fine. But I didn’t found a possibility to add a new POI.

git-repository of the source code

I want a way to edit existing working time field. Currently I can choose from some predefined strings, or enter a new string. There no way to edit existing string.
For example, try to add one hour evening on saturday to string
Mo 10:00-12:00,12:30-15:00; Tu-Fr 08:00-12:00,12:30-15:00; Sa 08:00-12:00
having edit field for ~8-10 characters long, and without a possibility to copy current value into edit box.
It’s impossible - you either can’t see a complete string for current value.


Thank you for your feedback and recommodations. We are adding these to our trac for consideration. But due to higher priority we are working on known bugs at this point. After they are fixed, we will work on new features.

best regards,

Please provide building:levels in presets for buildings - it’s important property and adding it as free tag is not that easy

Please, make a “current position” option more fast, and allow to use android location service.
In most cases I press this button, and my position detects in seconds, but waiting window stay forever, even under clear sky (Galaxy S II).

Popular foemat like “point and possible location circle around on the map” (see on google map, or ocmand+) is very usable.

I choose the road signs.

Is some vital functionality missing at OSMapTuner?

Um yeah, seems the biggest moan is the ability to add a new POI.
IMO it’s about useless without that…
I read in another thread it took 3 years to make this App…
Wow, really?
Sorry to be negative, but it’s pretty useless tbh.
I installed and uninstalled about 2 minutes later.
I have an App that I made myself, you download an area, go out on the bike, with the dog w/e.
You add the POI’s, the App logs them, you upload when you get home… simple as.

Again sorry to be negative, but this App really doesn’t help…