OsmApi / XAPI -- search for nodes

I am not sure if this is the right forum but I give them a try …

In my (Python) script I use PythonOsmApi to “call” the OSM-Api and XAPI like …

MyApi = OsmApi.OsmApi(username = u"xxxx", password = u"******“)
MyApi = OsmApi.OsmApi(api = “xapi.openstreetmap.org”)
data = MyApi._get(”/api/0.6/node[place=village][bbox=11,48,11.5,48.5]")

data = MyApi._get(“/api/0.6/node[name=Toolo][bbox=-2,13,-1,14]”)

All of them works as expected but I want something additional and I do not know how to realize it in XAPI

I want a call that gives me all objects (node) with names starting with T and that are villages
(something like wildcards as in “dir .” - windows - or in ldap_search)

I tried this but without success:

data = MyApi._get(“/api/0.6/node[name=T*][place=village][bbox=-2,13,-1,14]”)

Any idea?

Thanks for your help!