Osmapa.pl - Poland only recently?

Hi guys,

I am a Czech OSM mapper and I used your Osmapa.pl map because I liked the rendering style for hiking in my country. About few weeks ago I realized the map was unavailable for couple of days and now it renders Poland only instead of kind of whole Europe area as it used to render before. Is this a new policy of yours? Did you have too much traffic or what is the reason for this change?

I guess the Osmapa.pl Mapnik style is available for use, but I am not that far to be able to render the map myself on my own server… I liked to use Osmapa.pl for Czech area a lot… Do you maybe have a static tile save (backup) before you made the big Europe map offline? Maybe for use with OsmAnd in .sqlitedb format?

Thanks for your answers!



The changes are temporary and resulted from hardware issues. We had to rebuild part of the database and did some software upgrades on the tileserver while on it. Now we’re almost ready to re-import europe.osm or planet.osm. Still not sure which one, the server may be unable to keep up with full planet feeds.

I only have a backup of the tileset up to z7 so not overly useful. Hopefully Czech Republic is going to be back on the map in a couple of days, sorry for the inconvenience.

Nice to hear the unavailability is temporary only! I really like this rendering style… Thanks for your answer and have good luck with the upgrade!