Osmand+ vat steeds uit

I use Osmand+ since several years for my walking trips. Since a few weeks the app frequently falls out ( half or complete black screen + a notification appears that Osmand+ is not reacting anymore + the question whether I want to close Osmand, to wait for reaction or to send feedback).
I use Osmand+ on my huawei p30 lite, Emui version 12.0.0 ( = android 10.0).
Has anyone perhaps the same problem and/or solution for this?
(At the moment that Osmand+ falls out, I tried other apps on my smartphone and all the other apps are working normal ?!).
Thanks for your help on this matter.

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There are sometimes issues with the new rendering engine Version 2 (OpenGL). Maybe using the old Version 1 will help.



I changed in the Osmand+ app from Version 2 to Version 1.

Today I used the app for a walking trip of 22 km ( a little more than 4 hours) and not a single time the app fell out.

So I think ( hope :grinning:) that by using this version my problem will be solved.

Many thanks!


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