OSMAND show Tags of a street

Hi everyone!
My Question:
Is ist possible to see all the keys of a street. (in OSMAND)

If the street will go under a bridge or so, this part will be taged as a tunnel.
For the navigation there is a point to set the minimum high for the routing… this worky quite fine (I use it when driving with the truck).

But can i see (in some menu) the exactly tag of this part of the street?
I’m mainly interested in maxheight, maxweight…

thanks for your help - and excuse my english… :wink:

You shouldn’t tag as tunnel=yes if it’s not a tunnel. Just adding the maxheight= is enough to describe that this way is only for vehicles below this limit.

I don’t use osmand editor, but it can be done with other osm editors like iD or JOSM.

Hi muralito!

Thx for the reply! - you are right, I mixed up different scenarios…
But if there is a real tunnel - there can ba also a maxheigth…

But my main question is: How is it possible to show this Information (allready taged) on a mobile Device! (Android)


You cannot see all OSM tags of an object inside Osmand app, but you have two possibilities:

for some elements (POIs?) Osmand shows the OSM object number as a interent link URL … try to open that inside osmand that should lead you to your standard internet browser to show all recent tags,


set a marker inside Osmand map by long pressing on teh screen, then “share position” where you can choose the Vespucci OSM editor (have it installed in android before!) … then you can load the area around that position inside vespucci, and inspect all objects about their tagging.


Thanks a lot! works quite fine! Vespucci is a great tool!
Only one question: is there a way to load maps stored lokal on the phone (offline for osmand) into vespucci?


I fear no … Vespucci has NO offline map feature for really big areas.