OSMAND popup to install map but it's installed already

I just bought OSMAND yesterday. I installed the US Virginia map and then went for my first drive. Shortly after starting, I got a small popup in the middle of the screen (I don’t have a screen shot because I was driving). It was a semi-transparent button and all it said was “Load US Virginia” or download or install or something like that. It keeps on popping up. and disappearing after a few minutes. Obviously the map is installed, but yet this popup keeps on coming up. How do I make it stop?

I got a screen shot today. If I tap on the button, it just takes me to the download manager. The button popped up at least three times in my 6 mile drive home from work today. Why does it pop up? Obviously the map is installed because you can see it.

This is a known problem in Osmand … see the Osmand googlegroup mailinglist via http://osmand.net

Try the latest version 1.7 when it is available, maybe that issue is fixed then …