OSMand paid version

I would like to purchase the paid version of OSMand.
Is the one time payment allow me to get all future upgrade, or do I have to pay again and again for newer version?

Yes it do. There are some functionality, that are available as paid plugins, and not included in basic paid version, such as elevation lines and parking meter reminder.

Would you please clarify a bit. Do you mean that I have to pay OSMand again if they come out with a new version of OSMand? Thanks

At this moment the policy is AFAIK, that you get updates for free.
There are plugins with additional functionality, as XAN_ua wrote, for which you have to pay extra.
However, there is never a guarantee that the makers of OsmAnd (a company that is using OpenStreetMap data, but is not associated with the OpenStreetMap community not the OpenStreetMap Foundation), will one day decide to ask money for an upgrade.

Hello Rose,

If you have the paid “OSMAnd+”-Version, you did pay for all maps of the whole world in detailed features. I by myself bought it last month and I can display by example a detailed map of the Marshall islands in the Pacific Ocean, or a detailed map of London.
As Xen said, some little plugins have to be paid afterwords, if you need it (parkinglots, Lines for elevation or something like that).
I am living in Germany, and such plugin costs about 99 Eurocent in the shop of Android or amazon.
But every update or upgrade you will get, it will be costless.


It may, or may not be a company. I was under the impression that it was simply another largely volunteer project that is loosely associated with OSM by the fact they use OSM data for the maps. They post their code on github and you can compile your own “paid” version from source code without actually paying for it. And they will take github “pull requests” to add features and for bug fixes. So even it is a for profit company it acts a lot like an open source project.

I believe the reason for the paid version is to cover the project’s costs. One caution, sometimes a market place will go out of business. And there is no way to transfer a paid version from one market to another. So if you purchase Osmand from a market that later disappears you may have to buy it again from another market. Based on posts on the Osmand discussion forum this has recently happened to a number of people. It is unlikely that Google’s Play Store will go out of business so you are probably safe in buying it there.