OSMAnd+ on racebike: monochrome mode on LED screen and beep alerts


I’m using OSMAnd+ since last year on my Lenovo Vibe P2 (5000mh battery and more then 8h screentime) to navigate 100k+ cycletours.
I make my GPX’s with Graphopper (or pick them from Strava from other riders). This works very, really very, well, and more than often co-riders ask me about my smartphone based cycle-navigation.

A smartphone with decent battery-life is one thing - and this certainly OK for me, with Vibe P2 after all these years still being the n°1 device in that area - but then the smartphone is attached with a regular quadlock system, superglued to a cheap chinese rubber case, and for rainy days I have a second transparant waterproof case with also a universal quadlock glued on. Both hold like forever over cobbles, sunny days or winter, and are really handy, robust and simple.

But there is always better.
What could be a enhancement for bikers is to have:

  1. a kind of mono / high contrast mode with white/grey routes on a total black background in order to save even more battery on an OLED screen (yes, I could have 13h on screen time)

  2. a beep alert system instead of voice

The last thing goes about the fact that we set the voice guidance mostly deactivated. Because hearing the same voice over and over again on average every minute in a 5 to 6 hours ride is a pita. I know the navigation beep alert is also applied by the Mio bicycle GPS devices. It works very well and is not disturbing at all.

Just an idea. If this is not the right place to reach the devs, and if there exists a changelog or uservoice system, I will be more then happy to post it there too.
Keep on the good work.