osmand not in playstore

*** EDIT *** found it on f-droid, please ignore this post.


I need to go on a trip in a few days, but had to wipe and re-install my galaxy S3 yesterday. now osmand is gone from the playstore :frowning: according to the website it should already be back but it isn’t.

I’m a bit desperate now - is there any other way to get & install osmand? .apk file downloadable somewhere?

anyone knows how to contact the developers?


You can get the apk for the latest release here: http://download.osmand.net/releases/

I think the version on F-Droid is a bit out of date.

Can you provide us detailed information how to use this apk list?


Osmand~ downloadable from F-Droid is much stable, has better features and no limitations at all. Best in class