OSMand No Keyboard in Search

When I go into ‘Search’ and select ‘Search by Name’, the screen comes up with a Seach Box and Button, but there is no Keyboard with which to input data. The keyboard appears on other occaisions eg when I create a POI.

I am running OsmAnd Version1.5.2 beta on Android 4.2.2 (on a Tesco Hudl).

How to I get a keyboard on this screen or is this a problem in the ‘beta’ vesrion?

I shall be grateful for advice.

Using OsmAnd version 1.6.2 beta on Android 4.3.

When I followed your search (search->POI->Search by Name) I also don’t see a keyboard appear. But if I tap in the search field the keyboard is displayed. I guess it could be cleaner, but you can get to a keyboard to enter your search.

n76 thank you for that.

I tried ‘tapping’ in the search field produced by ‘Search by Name’ but no keyboard popped up.

Any other ideas please?

Try holding on the input field (like for copy/pasting), select “Input method” and switch between keyboards (to force a reload, works only if you have multiple software keyboards installed) or check if the hardware keyboard works. Or try a full reboot (via “Reboot”, not via “Shutdown” (which often is actually suspend)).
Another idea: If the cursor is already in the input field when it appears:Try unfocusing the input field (i.e. change the focus to a button using a DPad/arrow keys/whatever) and refocus it (=tap it).

@n76: I can confirm the behaviour you described, and yes, Android allows applications to open the keyboard automaticly. Maybe someone could write a bug report for it?

n76 and rayquazza, thank you both - you have solved my problem, albeit I think OSMAnd+ has a ‘bug’.

I updated to 1.6.1 beta and tried tapping around the screen - Success!

I had assumed that the ‘Search Box’ was to the left of the ‘Search Button’, but not so.

However, when I did as you suggested on ‘Filter’ - all was revealed.