OsmAnd - motorway navigation - turn:lanes

Hello, on the US-101 motorway near San Francisco, OsmAnd recommended several times to use an optional-exit lane to stay on the motorway. In lane guidance, none of the through lanes were highlighted as recommended, only the optional exit lane.

Looking at the tags, I wonder if it’s because turn:lanes is of the form


… where somehow ‘none’ and ‘through’ aren’t read as the same thing. When it happened, it seemed like a two-lane ramp was exiting, though I can’t say it was for all such exits. These tags are accurate in that there’s no lane indicator on the through lanes (no overhead sign, no arrows on the lanes) - but there’s also no explicit ‘through’ indicator on the optional through lane.

Knowing not to tag for the renderer, and not being on motorways much, I’m wondering what the right answer is.

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