OsmAnd: Finding Addresses

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I just downloaded OsmAnd on my Galaxy S3, and was experimenting with it a bit offline. I noticed that in the search function, I am able to search for the Region, City, Street, but not the Street #. Instead, I get the building, which I find puzzling. If I am trying to search for a house number, such as 7761 Walter Street, how would I go about entering the number bit? Thanks for your help!


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I am sure someone will attempt to answer your question here, but we do have an Android Forum that might be more appropriate for this question.

So you already entered city and street? Make sure the radio box is set to housenumber and not to intersection, then tap the fourth button (housenumber). You should get a list of housenumbers in the selected road. If the list is empty you should see a Toast stating something like “no buildings found”, which means that no housenumbers are mapped in this road – Or at least they are not recognized by OsmAnd, in this case please give us a link to one.


Unfortunately there is no option for housenumbers, which is where the confusion lies. There are 2 radio boxes for buildings and intersection, but nothing for house numbers.


Hello Mike,

the mentioned “building” radio button in Osmand does mean housenumber indeed.

Searching for housenumbers works in Osmand for many many countries in the world.

Be sure that the street you are searching for has any housenumbers stored in the raw OSM data! Otherwise Osmand cannot find any housenumber.

So tell us what offline map you have loaded in Osmand app to find your address, and give us a http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Permalink to the street you are meaning.

Thus we can help you.


Stephan, for example if I am trying to search up 8724 Cook Crescent, in Richmond, Canada, it seems to me like even openstreetmap.org can’t find the house numbers, but only the street. I feel like I’m missing something here.


I just searched for that street and there (here) are no housenumbers mapped. Here is an explanation how to map them, if you’ve got any questions about this feel free to ask.

To get familliar with OsmAnds Interface you could try to find “12, Vogelweide, Bremen, Deutschland” (contained in “Europe - Germany”/“Germany bremen europe”).

/edit: Temporarily removed the example, since I thought that city would be in a smaller federal state…
/edit2: Re-added a better example

Ah, so the housenumbers really aren’t available… I thought something was just wrong. Thanks for the help and the information

I’m having the same problems as this user but since house numbers are not included I assumed any street name in the primary online openstreetmap.org would be included in OSMAND as a search item. I’m finding that the search criteria is intolerant of abbreviations or omissions. Initially I searched for the full address, 4555 Ayrshire St., Indianapolis, IN 46228 and nothing returned. I then read your forum on house numbers and went back in to test some other search criteria. I used Ayrshire St. which returned nothing, then I used the Ayrshire 46228 which returned no streets but instead global locations: towns, etc. I used Ayrshire Street which did return a list of hot links but none of the addresses listed Indianapolis, instead the search returned “Ayrshire Street, Spring Hills, Marion, Indiana, 46228, United States of America” which is the correct location however Marion is the county, Spring hills is probably the township. Anyway, no city name was included? I am very confused on how the map system is expected to work and how to phrase my searches. Ultimately I’m looking for a way to map gps addresses offline for directions similar to a tomtom or google maps but without the cellular connection.

Looking for some sound advice, or for somone to point me towards reliable information where I can do more research on how to utilize the maps better.

Thank you
I apologize in advance for being a noob

In the screen where you can enter an address there is an arrow in the lower-right corner with which you can switch between online-search (uses Nominatim, same as on osm.org) and offline-search (where you have to first enter the mapfile, then the city, then the road and then the housenumber). The result of your search shows that you’re using the online-search, so if there’s a problem it’s Nominatim’s. Could you give a link to the location you’re attempting to find?