OSMAnd does not avoid motorways

Probably doing something wrong, but I can’t find out what. I try to route with avoiding motorways (highways), so I tick “Avoid motorways” and it shows up in the directions window. Then I set the destination and say … go :). But to my astonishment it keeps sending me over the motorways, also when I use the Brouter engine.
But using the same BRouter engine in QMapShack gives a perfect route, avoiding all motorways. So it is possible, but h ow … ?

Are you sure you are using the same profile for the setting and the navigation?
Foot, car or else?

Well that was something I was thinking the cause was, but no. What I do is: Directions > Options > Choose profile > Options > Avoid roads > Check “No motorways”. Then I select the destination and get still a route that is nearly completely over motorways, but on screen the little box with “No motorway” crossed out.
I use a profile thats using the BRouter engine (car-eco), but also the standard car profile (using OSM routing) behaves the same. In both cases there is no difference between the routes, whether I try to avoid motorways or not.

So I am at a loss here …

Apologies :expressionless: I made a mistake. It is only with the BRouter engine that the motorways are coming up, even when given to avoid them. I was forgotten I set the “navigation type” for the standard car profile to BRouter.
When setting the navigation type to “OSMAnd routing” routing works with motorways. When saying “no motorways” I didn’t have the patience to wait until it was ready; it took more then 5 minutes for a route of some 90 km ! But for a route of some 30 km “OSMAnd routing” with “no motorways” worked.

So what stays as my problem that when using BRouter as navigation type, I cannot route outside motorways.

(Using OSMAnd routing takes way too long.)