OSMand: create POI, only amenity possible?

Following this recent blog entry I tried using OSMand not just for navigating, but also for editing. Upon creating a new POI I have to select a name for it as well as a tag. I can chose from several tag types (leasure, transportation, natural, etc.) but when I check on advanced, the dafault is always ‘amenity’, no matter which tag I chose. I can add additional tags below the amenity tag and it works there, but I can’t change the default amenity tag.

What am I doing wrong or is this a known issue with OSMand? Thanks!

I can confirm this with latest nightly version just some days old.

The tag “amenity” can not be deleted.

So I recommend to ask this on the Osmand googlegroup mailinglist:


Or if you have some experience with github.com, open an issue there for osmand directly.

Done as requested, put an open issue on github, thx for clarification.

I’ve been adding non-amenity POIs regularly in OsmAnd. The process is:

After selecting create POI, switch to the Advanced view.
Ignore the top part of the form and instead, scroll down to the add tag button.
Enter a key (eg “note”) and value (eg “temporary node for alignment purpose—please don’t delete”)
When you save the POI, you’ll get a message asking whether you really want to save it without an amenity type. Confirm that you do.

So basically—leave the parts of the form blank that don’t apply, and manually add the tags you want.

I mostly use this to leave notes for myself without leaving OsmAnd, or for marking the positions of things which I can see more clearly in OsmAnd than Vespucci. Later I go to Vespucci to do the proper editing.

The screen expects you to choose an amenity type and a name—but in fact, you don’t have to.