OsmAnd: barrier=fence and tracktype=grade1 look extremely similar


so I went cycling today and used OsmAnd to plan my route, like I do most of the time. Tried a new route and found a cyclepath that runs just along a busy “Landstraße” (rural road I guess).

Arriving there, I didn’t see any sign of that cyclepath and had to bike along the cars that were going about 80 km/h. I first thought I just messed up, seeing things, but at home I checked my phone again and on the map, there was a solid line along the road. Quickly opening OpenStreetMap in my browser, I realized what was going on:

The line was a fence, barrier=fence, while I thought it must be highway=track with tracktype=grade1. Those look almost alike in OsmAnd. I suggest rendering a fence with some type of dashed line, maybe . - . - . - . - . - so it cannot be mistaken for a track. Would that be possible?




OsmAnd uses OpenStreetMap data, but it is an independent application, not part of the openstreetmap.org infrastructure, so people on this website don’t have any influence on how it chooses to display the map.

You would need to contact OsmAnd using one of the channels listed at https://osmand.net/ (bottom of page), perhaps https://github.com/osmandapp/OsmAnd/discussions .

You can try my style for osmand, it is focussed on cycling and tracktype=grade1 is not similar to fences, see https://www.openfietsmap.nl/downloads/android/osmand