OsmAnd App: How to enter a Search address (i.e., Building)?

The first three options (Region, City, Street) are selected from drop-down lists, but Building links to a new page, which, after I type in a number, I can’t figure out how to have it accepted. There’s even a Done keyboard key (Samsung Tab 2), but it has no effect. I’ve tried pressing every other key and icon to no avail. My searches (sorry!) reveal that the address search works really well, and the online information I’ve found just says to enter the number, so I must really be dense! What obvious thing am I overlooking?

Hey, Jean,

Whern you choose a street where theer are definitevly some housenumbers in the OSM data, then Osmand also gives you a list with all housenumbers found!

If there are no numbers listed, then there are no housenumbers in the OSM data.

My version of Osmand app even shows me a little hint for one second like “no buildings found” or similar.

So try this feature with a road that has definitivly hoosenumbvers in the OSM data.


Thanks a lot – it turns out that almost none of the streets in Arlington, Virginia have street numbers in the data base! After trying a dozen or so, one did show a single address!

And particularly after your prompt response, I’m sorry to take so long to reply. I was becoming familiar with the app to use on an upcoming cruise that would have port stops at several countries around the western Mediterranean. However, my wife recently found she had a blood clot in her leg, so that’s moot for now. :frowning:

Fortunately, we do have travel insurance, :slight_smile: which was useful on a previous trip:

Thanks again – this is a great website!

Jack (aka JeanLaFeet)