osmand+ android marshmallow Datenspeicherungsordner failed

Got an error with do nothing (it true). So what?
With my LG G4 android 6.0 marshmallow, uptdated 16-02-01 and osmand+ v2.3.3 I setup an navigation from Krefeld to Paris with bike-route. Ok, that staff worked over night. Next day (today) I got an error:
“Datenspeicherungsordner Der momentan gewählte Speicherort ist schreibgeschützt. Es wurde vorübergehend zu internen Speicher gewechselt. Bitte einen gültigen Speicherort wählen. Interner Speicher 16.25 GB Gemeinsamer Speicher 86.18 GB”
Here my translation: “SD-Card directory The … directory is read-only. Osmand switched to internal memory. Select valid memory, please.”
What I did: I switched SD-Card memory form external to adobtable. That works fine and gives internal memory of totaly 117,20 GB (with an 128 GB SD-Card - and yes, I know there are some GB’s lost - where ever)
ES Explorer shows 117,20 GB. Android “Einstellungen, Speicher & USB” (english settings, memory & USB) shows “Interner Speicher 15,70 GB von 32.00 GB verwendet” “SD-Karte von SanDisk 31.00 GB von 117 GB verwendet”
After that I installed osmand+ from lovely Google-Play-Store with all defaults. Datenspeicherungsordner = /storage/emulated/0/osmand. Loading maps and worked fine.
Like sayed above till this morning. Wondering that I canot save an screenshot. No space…

After restarting the maschine (LG G4) and switching back from automated setted Datenspeicherungsordner from data/user/0/net.osmand.plus/no_backup 16.25 GB to default /storage/emulated/0/osmand all works fine.

What are your opinions?

Friedel from Berlin