osm2pgsql - process killed every time


I’m trying to import planet osm on Ubuntu Desktop v10.10 64bit configuration (CPU: AMD Phenom 9500 Quad Core 2.2 ghz, 8GB of RAMv Hard Drive: 2TB), but every time the process stopped with message “KILLED”. Any help would be appreciated.


There is another error message “Segmentation fault”. The command is ./osm2pgsql -S default.style --slim -d gis -C 2048 ~/planet/planet-latest.osm.bz2

What are you using as your downloader? I ask because you are trying to download a multi gig file and your downloader might be balking and you could try another. Since you are using 10.10 your WGET should be up to date and work fine. You also might want to try a torrent file.

Hi stillblue,

I’ve used wget (wget http://planet.openstreetmap.org/planet-latest.osm.bz2)) version 1.12-1.1ubuntu3 to download the planet osm. It seems to be the latest version of wget.