osm with ios web browse

i am developed an application depending OSM , the map works good on web browsers , but when i am trying to browse the map from IOS using any browser it return white blank page , it works good with android devices , i used leafletjs , and get the current location for the user.
any help please?

I suspect you are not actually working with the map but with the web site, which gives access to four different sets of rendered map tile images. produced by three different organisations. In that case your issue will be with the slippy map javascript library in use. I think the www.openstreetmap.org pages use leaflet.js for this, but all these libraries are third party.

Also please read the policies on tile use carefully, as the tiles are not there primarily for applications, they are there as an aid to mappers and as a technology demonstrator. You may need to find a more commercial source of tiles, or run your own tile server.