OSM, which java tools to use?


I am new here. Two days ago I made a map based on java Swing, OSM and the MapPanel package, under Windows 7, to construct a map, which I plan to use for years to come as a basis of an energy consultancy.
Important decisions regarding technology have to be taken.
First and foremost it has to be java based (do not want to learn a new language), preferably Swing (same reason).
It must be standalone as a desktop program, not browser-based.
Obviously I want to use OSM to the max, including markers, polygones, popups, in short the full program.
Additionally I have to consider if the technology chosen is still supported by a live developer group and will be in the future.
I noticed that SwingX seems no longer alive, not sure.
Also came across JXMapViewer, osmand.

So, given java/Swing/desktop, which techologies would you recommend for producing sophisticated maps for the long term?

Thanks for your time.

In case of to less answers here in the forum you can also ask at the OSM development Mailing list. Search the wiki how to get there.

Or you can ask some professional consultans listet here: