OSM website router ignoring access restrictions

I’m a bit confused here, the OSM routing algorithm keeps ignoring access restrictions on a foot path, and routing through a locked gate (with access=no), over a path with access=no, foot=no and bicycle=no. See this example.

Could anyone clarify what’s happening here? I already tried different variations of the restrictions, but nothing changes.

If I got that right you changed the access tags a few minutes ago. I think the Graphhopper data is updated once a day, so please wait.
Besides that the current tagging of https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/654226157 is quite strange:

With access=no you can remove foot=no and bicycle=no and oneway=yes. Or maybe remove all tags and use disused:highway=path.

You will have to wait a little bit longer until your changes are considered by GraphHopper. I’m not sure how often it’s updated, but the routing should be correct in a few days.

Besides that access=no only really makes sense in combination with positive exceptions and it’s more likely that it should be something like access=private