OSM vs Geojson

Hi, everyone! I am a new member in OSM ecosystem. I am very interested in why to set up a new data formate .osm but not use Geojson directly. Geojson is simply and powerful. What is the core difference among them? Hope some guys could tell me the reason, Thanks everyone.:slight_smile:

We use OSM format, because it stores unique ID for every object. Also, as nodes (aka. vertices in GIS speak) are not anonymous, so e.g. you needn’t transmit the whole object when modifying one node of a road.
Though, it’s not ideal. The lack of explicit area data type is something many wish to be fixed.

Obviously, when consuming OSM data you don’t need to stick with OSM XML/PBF. There are converters available.

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The OSM data format goes back to 2007 in more or less its current form (API 0.5), the geojson standard is from August 2016, though a first description is from 2008.

Not mentioning that geojson is hopelessly tied to a specific programming language and has a longish list of rather obvious defects.