OSM vs Garmin vs Uconnect

I´m trying to install some OSM maps on my car (UConnect 8.4N, Dodge - Is a Garmin unit with 2015 pre-installed maps, very outdated on my city). Tried from BBBike, Mapchest, Geofabrik. All of them installs fine, appears on “about” screen, but I can´t “see” them on the map screen. Seems that the 2015 maps has some kind of priority over the newly installed from OSM.

Is there anyway tho change this “priority” on the maps ? I don´t have an idea of how to delete the preinstalled map. It´s on the internal memory, not SD card.

Thanks !


The only way to select your maps is via the Mymaps option - Settings , Map & Vehicle.

Here, you should see all the installed maps and you’re able to select and deselect your maps.

However, your Garmin may not have this option.

I can´t even delete the gmapprom file … I´m trying to overwrite it with an almost empty OSM map, but it ends with an error message.

Don’t do that! That’s the original Garmin map on the device!