OSM usage in bus.co.il

I just found out that the site bus.co.il uses OSM to show locations of bus stops.

So go for example here: http://bus.co.il/otobusim/Front2007/LinePlaces.asp?CompanyID=1&LineCode=10384&Design=2007&LanguageID=10 and click on any link which says “Map”.
One can also add a missing location of the station.

Wonderful to see this.


Hello Dimka,

please see my posting about this topic: http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=7941

It seems like there a source for geodata available of bus and train-stations we just have to find the source.
I see it as very important to have busstations available. Just imagine how many data your would gain by importing such information to the map.

So if somehow possible we should contact the owner of this webpage, asking him to import his data to the map itself.
Isn’t it great to see the results of having busses and trains added to the map for example for London:

For example there is a group of people having developed android applications based on such a data:

#Bustop (seems to be not available in the android market anymore) http://code.google.com/p/bustop/
Here a explaining video : http://iandroid.co.il/hero-nexus/?p=5429

#Or this app that is still available in the android market:

I wrote both of them but didnt get an answer.