OSM Training - ISM Diyatalawa 04 - 06 Nov 2013

OSM training for about 40 trainees of Survey Department (newly recruited technical staff) conducted successfully during 4-6 Nov 2013. Students first mapped ISM including all the buildings and roads. Then two tasks were given to them Diyatalawa and Bandarawela cities which are currently being mapped. The young students captured technology very fast and became OSM users / mappers within 02 days, with extensive works.
ISM senior management facilitated the training with their personnel interest.

The training is part of Disaster Risk Mapping project is being conducted jointly with the Dept. of Survey, DMC, AIT GIC Centre, Dept. of Irrigation etc. The trainees will make contribution to map exposures of flood prone areas of selected study areas.

Please log in to OSM and see the two cities and make your comments.