OSM to JOSM to mkgmap to garmin streetpilot c550 ?

hello forum,

first of all: i’m an IT professional. but i’m an absolute beginner to OSM and related topics.
after searching the web for several days and trying out various guides i still have not been successfull.
so i thought i’ll just tell my story.

how to create routable maps from OSM and copy onto my garmin streetpilot c550?

i’m running the streetpilot c550 that has the maps of “city navigator europe nt v9” installed.
i’ll be attending a wedding in greece and discoverd that my current maps have an extremely poor coverage of that area.
i’ll be travelling there for three days only. so that’s why i thought:

  • i won’t bother purchasing any additional maps
  • this is a good opportunity to try out OSM :slight_smile:

i’ll need the maps for “car navigation” and “address search”, only.
maybe some POI would be nice, too.

so this is what i have tried so far:

1) JOSM 4279
i installed JOSM and downloaded the maps around the thessaloniki area.
i soon encountered the size restriction of any OSM xml-download (something like 1.5 MB ?).
so i went throuh countless iterations, downloading selected regions one by one.
i’m now seeing some massive yellow wireframe in JOSM.
finally i saved the results as “saloniki.osm” with 100 MB in size.

2) mkgmap r1995
i then used mkgmap trying to convert the *.osm into some native *.img that is compatible with garmin devices.
basically i was trying the various instructions from this site: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Mkgmap

however, whatever i tried:
the 100 MB *.osm always got converted / copied to some *.img with 75 KB in size, only.
i really doubt there would be some useful information in a file that small?

3) copy to garmin
i learned that for certain garmin devices there can be only one single file “gmapsupp.img” in the subfolder “Garmin”.
in such a case it’s required to either replace / overwrite the initial *.img or to “merge” multiple img files into a single file.
after a few tests i concluded to better not touch or replace the initial img file.
i decided to put my new map file onto some SD-card that i’ll insert into the streetpilot.

by now i have managed to place it onto the SD-card and the streetpilot will also list it when going to the system settings and then clicking on the “map info”.
and yes, i made sure there is a checkmark at both boxes: the initial city navigator and also my custom map.

however, when doing the “map browsing” it’s still not showing all the details i downloaded through JOSM.
it’s not even showing the roads i was able to see in JOSM wireframe view.
here’s an example of that area: http://maps.google.de/maps?q=40.268835,22.598296&ll=40.268917,22.597933&spn=0.030027,0.052314&sll=40.63935,22.944607&sspn=0.200036,0.175734&num=1&vpsrc=6&z=15

any advice is highly appreciated :wink:

thanks in advance, francois

If you want to load larger quantities of data you can do it from one of the sources listed here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Planet.osm

How did you create the gmapsupp.IMG file?

Were you able to install the map into a Garmin map viewer like BaseCamp or MapSource?

Did you see any detail at all on the StreetPilot? Can you post a screenshot of what you were showing?

Please read the mkgmap “How To”: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Mkgmap/help/How_to_create_a_map.
This should enable you to compile a first map.


thanks for your advice so far.
sorry to say: i gave up for now.

time was running out. so i checked the coverage of the most recent garmin maps available for purchase: it has been improved and extended a lot!
i went for the nüvi lifetime subscription available for a one time payment of 100 EUR.
the most recent maps (2012.20) have all the details i was missing before.

i may resume “playing around” with OSM some time later.

thanks, francois