OSM TestRegion

I am working on some extension for OTP (using OSM-Dataset).
More presisely I am using OSM-taggings of buildings and sights to parse potential “Landmarks”/“Features” for a routing algorithm. To get even more Data I check Wikipedia-articles with the coordinates of the OSM-Building.

Now nearly everything is done and I want to test my prog on some smal maps. I have to filter a lot of the osm-data, course they are mostly imperfect. (f.e.building high is set very seldom)
So my question is:
Does anyone know a region, where OSM-Data is most groomed? And/Or a region where as many Wiki-Artikles (with georeferences) exist?
I think maybee there was a research in the past years, where entusiastic people/studens added nearly everything to OSM in their test-region?
Or maybee someone with huge database knowledge could sort out a region with high density of Tag-Infos?

Greatings Oekel

:sunglasses: PS: German or at least European regions would be best.

I think the import in New York included the height of the buildings.
I assume that you will find a lot of wiki article links in Germany (or wikidata)

You can find this yourself with taginfo
Do you know taginfo ? e.g. http://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/wikipedia#map gives you an idea where the tag (in this case wikipedia) is used. You could also use the overpass query that is available from the same page on smaller area.

Also have a look at the OpenstreetMap 3D subforum … there are some topics that deal with data fot building heights.

Or look at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/3D_Development