OSM Street Polygon Download

Hey forum,
I would need polygons for the complete road network of germany. Since in OSM the maps, the roads are not only represented as a line but true to width, this data should exist. Unfortunately I could not find them anywhere. Could you help me there? Where can I find normal shape files of the polygons?

Hi marie_mp, and welcome.
Roads are mostly stored as one-dimensional lines in the OpenStreetMap database, so generally you won’t find them as polygons.
They can and often have attributes like width and number of lanes telling you something about the road surface/area.
The roads can be rendered (displayed) any way a map maker wants, as you can see in the six different maps at osm.org
Where do you see roads represented true to width?

Hey Jillis E,
thanks for your quick reply. I assumed when i underlay my QGIS Project with an OSM Map as a baselayer that the roads are true to width. Maybe it was just a false assumption. Thanks for your help regardless.

Greets marie