OSM strange for me


I’m using the benefit to locate position by cords and getting the information from map out of this about info JUST “Streeet and Streetnumber”. (The only thing i want to get) !!

My Problem:
When I Point to a position on my OSM MAP, that is Close to Another position, I only get “strange information” (not the street and number).

For example.

Pointing at sicklastrand 74, i get MyckeMeck instead. Why ??

How do i just get street number and not this “ovelayed” information present at map ??

Best regards to Y all


You are not referring to OpenStreetMap itself, as the nearest that OSM can do to what you are suggesting is to return all objects that fall within a particular bounding box.

I guess you are using Nominatim to reverse geocode, but you should really tell us both the map location and the tool that you are using.

The nearest I can find on the map to sicklastrand, with the Sverige implied by your user profile (you have no mapping history) is https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/8019044 which is for Sicla Strand, as two words.

Particular points to note with Nominatim,is that the sort of entity that gets returned depends on the zoom level, and, as far as I know there is no zoom level that will return house numbers.

Also note that, in most places, either house numbers haven’t been mapped at all, or only by address interpolation.

I notice that the slippy map on osm.org has recently acquired a right-click menu, and among its options is “show address”. If you zoom in on the building at Sickla Strand 74 (https://osm.org/go/0bC5H5Oj7?layers=N&m=), right-click on the “74” and choose “Show address”, you get “74, Sickla Strand”, which is correct (though formatted the wrong way around for Sweden). However, if you right-click just a little further south (five meters or so), you don’t get an address but just the “Micke Meck” business which is in that building. It seems like the “show address” feature requires you to click quite close to an address node in order to pick it up.

From the way it behaved for a few test cases, it looks like Nominatim is finding the single nearest point of interest and then extracting an address for it, if there is one. It isn’t looking only for points with addresses.