OSM runway and taxiway extract


I am working on creating airport for flight sim. and I try to extract the data for some airport but I keep getting everything except the runway and taxiway. Is there a way to get these data?


Can you give an example of the airport where this is happening?

I’m starting to map some airports, and discovered that airport surfaces can be depicted as lines (ways) or areas, and they usually seem to be lines. Maybe that’s not meeting your needs.

Thank you for your reply and sorry for my late respond.
they are three airports in Kuwait (but this thing is happening with me almost with all airports)

1 - https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=13/29.2230/47.9599


2 - https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=15/29.3469/47.5223


3 - https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=15/28.9345/47.7916


for example, number 3 (see the pics) airbase in OSM everything show up correct but after extracting the file using the extracting option in the site I get everything except the runways

I am using 3d max 2014 with GhostTown plugin to import the OSM data

To check if the export has a problem:
Open map.osm in a texteditor (e.g. notepad.exe in Windows)
Search for “” or “”

If present the export was successful and your OSMImporter is broken.

From your screenshot I can see “filter” for “Roads” and “Buildings”, maybe this will exclude all other objects not roads or buildings?

Thank you for your reply, you are correct they are all there.

No, but somehow it doesn’t recognize runway or taxiway. Is there any other way to import OSM data to 3d max? or any other application?

If I edit the OSM file with a text editor and change the “runway” for example to “MyWayOrNoHighway” will that work? as I can import roads? please help as I have been looking all over the net without any luck. :frowning:

You’ll need to ask whoever wrote “OSMImporter”. At a guess, I’d say not necessarily because there are two bits to an import into third-party software - what data you are importing and what you are importing them as. OSMImporter presumably imports roads as however it represents roads internally (which I don’t know anything about). If you change a runway to a road in the OSM file you’re importing then it will presumably import the runway as a road, but that might not be what you want - I’d imagine you want to import it to your flught sim as a runway.

Hi SomeoneElse,
Thank you for your feedback, you are correct I am trying to use it for a flight simulator but I am so frustrated I ran out of ideas I don’t know what to do I tried different plugins but with no luck
I even used different software but I keep getting the same result buildings roads they all get imported except the runway and taxiway. I have been doing this for a bout a month with no luck any help gentlemen will be appreciated