osm routing service

at http://www.yournavigation.org/ it says routing data is from planet file 28th june 2011, however in the help section it says route data is updated approx weekly. who/where can i email to get it updated?

Hi, you can send your feedback on various channels (wiki discussion, mail, mailinglists, IRC). But I guess there are serious reasons why their database is out of date

You might try another routing service, as www.openrouteservice.org http://open.mapquest.com etc.

thanksfor the info n links. the app i was trying out for navigation used YOURS, thats why i went onto that website to check routing errors.

an update…http://www.openrouteservice.org is only for europe :frowning: i was trying for roads in malaysia

Yes, the routing database is out of date. I’ll ask the server admin to run an update. This should take about 5 days.


thanks. its been updated!! routes working well!

Yes, took a bit longer then anticipated but anyhow…have fun!