OSM Routable?

A question from a newbie
I have the program and tiny maps Holland downloaded.
Installed the basic holland map in Mapsource (worked allright)
Then copied the tiny maps into the directory from basic holland (because the memory from my Garmin etrex vista is to small for the total holland map) (averyting went allright
Then selected 2 tiny maps and the map from Luxembourg and copied to my vista (went allright, I see the maps in my vista)

Now my problem.
I choose a point to route to it (its frm a tiny map to a place in luxembourg
I select go ta/ use roads / fastest way
The my vista starts calculating but after 2% he gives an error " No way to start from"
I’m sure I’n on a way!!!

It’s the same message he gives with the normal Topo Netherlands map, but there I know that this one is not routable.

Who can Help me please?
What am i doing wrong?

Greetings Newbie Mestreechteneer:rolleyes:

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I don’t know any tiny maps that are routable, but if you follow the steps below it should work if your GPS supports routing.

1 So you go to http://garmin.na1400.info/routable.php and select the tiles you need for your trip (or more if you have space for it). From Limburg (NL) to Luxemburg you’d probably need three tiles. After selecting the tiles you enter your mail address and click ‘Build map’. Some time later you will receive an email with an URL in it.

2 Open the URL in your browser
2a If your GPS has an SD-card (e.g. Vista Hcx): Download the ‘osm_routable_gmapsupp.zip’. Once downloaded, unzip the file to the SD-card on your GPS in the /garmin/ directory.

2b If you have a GPS without SD-card (e.g. Vista Hc): Download ‘osm_routable_mapsource.exe’ and install it on your computer. Start MapSource and select the tiles that you want and upload them to your GPS.

3 You should now be able to use routing. When searching for an address enter a radom housenumber first, then the streetname and perhaps cityname last if you need to.

Edit: updated wrong link

Hallo Lambertus,
Ik zie je uit apeldoorn komt vandaar even in NL verder
Als je op de genoemde site http://garmin.na1400.info gaat kun je links kiezen voor topo NL
Dan zie je bij “Generic map” ook map tiles staan. Als je die download krijg je de file ml_Normal_tinymaps.
Die heb ik dat in de map NL_Normal gezet verder synch met vista werkt goed en tonen ook.
Alleen de routering werkt niet met die maps.
Das wat ik bedoel met geen routering.
Als ik NL-Normal en luxemburg pak, komt ik over de 24 mb intern van mijn vista.

Heb je misschien nog een tip voor me
Alvast BVD Mestreechteneer

Next time please continue the discussion in English, then other non-Dutch speakers can benefit from it as well.

I gave the wrong link, it should have been: http://garmin.na1400.info/routable.php . The other maps on my website are not routable (e.g. the NL topo maps).

If you want routing then you must use the link I gave earlier in this post. There is no ‘tiny maps’ alternative for that. It would be a pitty if it doesn’t fit on your GPS, but there’s not much I can do about it.

Hello Lambertus.

Thnx for helping me out with everything.
t works allright now.
The tiny maps aren’t routable, that was one problem.
The other is - still - the memory of my vista.
I need tree maps for the routing but that’s 29 MB. my vista has only 24 mb :frowning:

Just one question.
When I use only 2 maps thats good fotr my vista, but I start outside one of the maps/
My route allso starts outside one of the 2 maps.
First I drive until I am in onne of the 2 maps, then start my garmin and choose for the route witch is starting outside the maps.
Does the garmin sees where I am and then starts to calculate the route from that point (so not the startingpoint from the route witch I inserted trough mapsource) And brings me still to the finishpoint?

I hope it’s a little clear my question

For example, if you configure only one point for your route (which is your destination of course) then the GPS should start calculating the route (or you can start it manually) when it’s possible: once you have routable maps between your current position and the destination.