OSM polygon search

HI everyone, i have a problem about polygon query. I have a 2 location for use in Nominatim:
46.75033025124179 39.81856977379787
46.75132155418396 39.81933419700456
i need to give that query same time in 1 query like this for example:
[46.75033025124179 39.81856977379787],[46.75132155418396 39.81933419700456]
But its not giving me any result. Someone can help me please?
How can i give query correct way?

Hi Soqnis,
welcome to the forum.
I don’t understand your question. What exactly are you trying to achive? What is a “polygon query”? Why do you use so many digits for your coordinates (with 14 digits you have an accuracy of about a micrometer)?

Can you maybe try to describe your problem with other words?

If you need to build an advanced query to search for data from OSM than overpass turbo may be an adequate tool.