? OSM policy: When just use/ introduce a tag, when not?

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I just have one question about OSM policy, which arises on this point:

When is it OK or even encouraged to just use an undocumented tag, and when should that not be done? It seems not clear for me.

And when using: Should I then update the corresponding wiki page and adding, in this case, regeneration as a possible value to basin?

When you want to add some data which can be added and existing tags are not covering it, you are free to invent a new one.


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At least it’s more logical than basin=footbath to me… Key:basin - OpenStreetMap Wiki

I just wanted to do, I thought it would be straight forward without reading any other documentation – but the wiki seems a bit more complex than thought.

I tried to edit Key:basin, but I only see some imported other data there:

{{Map Features:basin|name:displayed=no}}

How do I edit the wiki correctly, without breaking things and with having changes be reflected automatically everywhere were they should?

I don’t know specialities of the wiki software, implies that I don’t understand above syntax.

And how can I check if similar tags are already used? (= a search in the OSM tadabase for regular expressions like basin=.*regeneration.* and so)?

You can check the taginfo (accessible directly from the wiki page) for all values use with a certain key:



overtemplatification strikes again, I added note that may help to find where it is editable - Difference between revisions of "Key:basin" - OpenStreetMap Wiki

It can be edited at Template:Map Features:basin - OpenStreetMap Wiki

{{stuff|something}} syntax is indicating that template:stuff was used.

Note that for new barely used tag one may start from creating page for specific tag, not listing it among other popular ones. I did it recently with Tag:man_made=chute_block - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Creating a page describing key or value - OpenStreetMap Wiki may be helpful

Thank you, I now added basin=water_regeneration. I also added it, together with basin=footbath, to the site “water=basin”.

great, thanks for that local documentation!

thanks; since basin=footbath also does not have it’s own wiki page I also leave it out now for basin=water_regeneration. Not the capacity right now to start that new project.

Thanks for all your help!,

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