OSM + OpenLayers Help!

I downloaded California osm data from the open street map data,
then I converted the data into postgis data via osm2pgsql where it is stored in my postgresql database,
then I ran geoserver and tested my california map data, it worked, the california roads showed up,

but when I try to call up on my geoserver map data from openlayer example file, the map showed up
blank, no images of california roads at all, just a blank white picture,
Just wondering what I did wrong…
Here is a little snipplet of my code to call the geoserver call
var wmsLayer = new OpenLayers.Layer.WMS( “OpenLayers WMS”,
http://localhost:8080/geoserver/wms”, {layers: ‘cali:planet_osm_roads’,format:‘image/png’});

I am trying to get the ali:planet_osm_roads to show up on my openlayer html page by calling
my tomcat webserver, geoserver wms stuff.

But nothing is showing up, just a blank white image,
Please help would be much appreciated,
Thank you!

Don’t know much about using geoserver, but just as a general debugging tip, OpenLayers allows you to right-click and find the URL of an image (if it has managed to load an image at all) so try that on the white map. Then try the URL directly in your address bar. You might see something wrong in the URL which will help you debug a problem in OpenLayers initialisation, although generally WMS URLs are fairly massive! You could also try WMS GetCapabilities request direct in your browser (just to see if it works, but also might reveal something useful)

Anyone else know more about OpenLayers <–> geoserver ?