OSM on tiuli site

Hi all,

tiuli.com is an Israeli hiking site.

Their main map is an overlay on top of OSM, showing several POI categories.

Pretty nice…

I was only wondering if it is required by OSM license terms to have some sort of attribution?


Yes, attribution is required:

I tried to contact them through their site, but can’t paste links there - it says the input is invalid :frowning:

I’m loving it…

… a Openstreetmap based map with copyrights to Google only.

Seems like some website providers doesn’t even have the minimum respect to all the work done in Openstreetmap to just show a small link to OSM :frowning:
Beside that there are some interesting POI on that site. People in Israel realizing that Google doesn’t show any map via 3rd party websites if you are not in Israel.

Same thing with several Israeli sites: http://www.amudanan.co.il. www.shvoongmap.co.il

The Google attribution appears also when the OSM layer (which is called “urban map” or just “map”) is on.

I think the Google attribution is due to the “map applet” (the ability to display any map, navigation and zoom, etc.). An OSM map is plugged into the applet as a separate layer (note that Google do not provide non-US Google Map data to 3rd parties).

I sent an email to amudanan, and left a message to shvoong. Let’s see what they say.

Seems like Amud Anan already changed it.
And so did Shvoong (without complying with the suggested wording)
Nice reply time!

I did not receive any replies…

Thumbs up to amudanan.
Shvoong are doing it wrong, OSM wiki link explains exactly what needs to be done:

Tiuli are still not contacted…

Maybe somebody should call www.tiuli.com and complain in a typical Israel way:

If somebody has found out a email address from them please post. Maybe we need to send them some emails so they will react.
The website shows a lot 404 errors. Typical phenomenon on Israel websites!

www.shvoongmap.co.il shows on the Openstreetmap layer a white text saying “OSM Copyleft”
Its very hard to see but its existing.

It seems that Tiuli is owned by LaMetayel.

From here

Now they removed the OSM layer from the map :frowning:

Here’s another pointless credit to Google:
I wrote him about it.

I think the credit is built-in as the slippy map app is Google’s, showing data from OSM.
So regardless of the Google credit, there should also be an attribution to OSM.

No they didn’t see “מפה נוספת” here:
Still no credit.

A bit off-topic, but still:

baligam.co.il used to have an OSM map embedded on their site to show the location of the business offering the sale. They recently moved to a Google Maps gadget, and I asked them why. Got two reasons:

  • Map loads faster
  • Map is more detailed

While there is little we can do regarding the first issue (I doubt a localized map would serve faster than osm.org), the second one points out a huge challenge we have for more commercial use of OSM. With all the addition of biking/hiking routes (which I am happy to be a part of), Israeli OSM still looses to Google Maps in more traditional coverage - streets and names. Just food for thought - let’s close this gap! :slight_smile:

  1. Actually I am a little surprised because I’ve never experienced a speed problem with OSM.ORG. After all it’s just fetching a bunch of images…
  2. Sure! Let’s have mapping parties!