OSM on Samsung i550

Hello there,

recently i bought a Samsung SGH-i550 mobile phone with integrated GPS (i know: very old fashioned but cheap)
Does anybody have some experience how to put OSM on it?
Do i need additional software to use OSM? Do i hacve to convert the maps before? Do i have to update the firmware on the mobile first?

Due to the phone is quite old i couldn’t find something helpful in the internet so far - something like a manual for OSM on a Samsung i550.

Any help would be very nice! :smiley:

Hi Uli,
what exactly do you want to use OSM on your phone for.
What OS is running on it?
If you answer these Questions i probably can help you better.



This phone here? http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_i550-2115.php
It is running Symbian operating system. So there are some apps for using OSM maps on it.

Some listed here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Symbian

sorry - more information would be good - you’re right.

its the phone vclaw posted.

Symbian S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 software

I would like to see the osMap and show my position. navigate would be nice too.
i have to admit i’m a very beginner in navigation as well as in mobile phones. so sorry for the maybe bad understanding (and english. :slight_smile: ).

i read about afTrack (as vaclaw written too). i think i will try to install the programm on my phone. i read it shows the maps as a bitmap and not as vectors. are there disadvantages?
i think after installing the programm i have to convert the maps i can download from osm into a format afTrack can read (which you can recommend?).
can i use “Gebabbel” on Linux for that?

after converting, does the mobile recognize the maps automatically? probably not.
do you know if there is a manual how i can get these maps running on my phone, so you do not have to explain every single step for me?
i cant find any…

thanks for your information and help so far… :slight_smile:

oh right: i want to use the maps offline (without internet connection) !! the mobile does have a gps reciever inside…