OSM on mobile phones & devices

I started looking at OSMTracker.
The article on wikipedia shows a table with the HTC TYTN and indicate “built in GPS - yes”
However according to all HTC TYTN reviews I can find “GPS - no”
I loaded OSMTracker anyway - but the TYTN says “NoGPS” where it should say “NoFix”
So I assumed error on OSMTracker wikipedia article…

But on Wikipedia HTC TYTN article:
“The TyTN has a GPS receiver, however it has no GPS antenna and the GPS is disabled both in ROM and physically through disconnection of certain pins on the circuit.[27]”

Does anyone know more about this, or how to tweak it?

The wikipedia article is right: there is GPS functionality in the TyTN, however it is not connected, not enabled, has no code present in the firmware, and the antenna is missing.

In short: forget it. You need an external BT GPS receiver with the TyTN, after which OSMTracker works wonderfully well. I’ve used a TyTN for a year, before it broke down due to other circumstances*.

  • Don’t drop it on a stone floor. It boots, but can’t find the gsm chipset, or something, and then it hangs.

Hi BennieD,

Just some more info about GPS on the TYTN for fun. I found articles about it on this website: http://wiki.xda-developers.com/index.php?pagename=Hermes_GPS_FAQ , but I don’t think it’s a good idea to try this, because in the end you’ll probably have a TYTN that doesn’t work anymore. The forum also says not to try this so… The missing antenna is the main problem in the end.

I own an HTC Touch Pro and that one has a working build in GPS, but I found it to be not precise enough for tracing, so I bought an external receiver anyway. Only the second one I purchased was up to the task in my opinion: the Qstarz BT-Q818X. I’m very happy with the performance together with OSMTracker.

So even if you managed to get the GPS to work after a year or so of surgery :slight_smile: you probably wouldn’t be happy with it.

Thanks guys,

yes Hans, I also found that forum
Shame, they almost made it, then gone :-0

I’ll google a bit for the BT GPS, I take it you’re both refering to the same device.

Any other cool apps for OSM on mobiles?
Either view, edit / navigating?