osm on android app

I want to build an android app using osm map\data.
I know its possiable, I just want to know what are the options doing it.
Is there any api I can use?
Futher on I will like to build my own map server using osm data. Is there any one here that did it and can discuss it with me?
Thank you very much

Have a look at the source code of OsmAnd for inspiration. That’s the advantage of free software. The disadvantage is that you have to use the same license for your software, if you do so.


For OSM maps on Android, look at Mapsforge. It is a library for rendering vector maps. It is free/open source (LGPL3). http://code.google.com/p/mapsforge/

For building your own map server, look at switch2osm, it has some useful guides. http://switch2osm.org/