OSM - OCM annoying

Today 2019, many people cycle around the world.
Today, we are almost always connected to the Internet via mobiles or bicycle computers. Why can’t we see more information in OCM, for example grocery stores, cafes, campsites, etc.
Today we have to use OSM then go to OCM this becomes annoying. Why should we have to jump between different maps?
It’s 2019 and we can do so much more today!:slight_smile:

Hi percykel52,
You asking the oldest question for the extend/volume of a database, the complete OSM database won’t fit into your handheld as far as I expect it.
That is the reason why some free working members or volunteers have stripped the OSM into OCM down to cycle essentials. You dont wont to know that there is a motor carriage way as well, is not it ?
Take your pick and trip.

OpenStreetMap has lots more data than any one map can show. Any map created from OSM data will miss things out, and anyone can create a map using a sselection of that data for a specific purpose.

The “OpenCycleMap” tiles available as a data layer on openstreetmap.org https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=9/54.1529/12.4960&layers=C is literally one person’s take on that. If you’d like to a web-based map showing different information you can - just set up your own tile server for your own part of the world. See https://switch2osm.org/manually-building-a-tile-server-18-04-lts/ for more details.

We both know it’s not going to happen :wink:

For a practical solution, you can use OsmAnd on a smartphone - it has great customization options. There are some cycling map styles for it, on top of which you can display points of interest.

Possibly not, but as the OP is effectively asking for a “free pony”, it’s perhaps worth pointing out that not only is a free pony actually available but that maintenance costs are relatively low too…

Whether they are in a position to care for the pony themselves is as you surmise another issue altogether.