OSM Navigation

Hi OSM Community :slight_smile:

We need to use OSM for navigation on some areas, we have added through the editor some roads but when we try to see them on the OSM Public View that appear only in some zoom levels, also the routes cannot be navigated by applications like navit or OSMAnd. How much time does it take to have this routes available for navigation? Or do we need to make some special configuration on them.

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OsmAnd updates their maps on a monthly base. There is a paying option β€œLife” so the maps can be updated hourly, but I thought the navigation was not updated.
I have no idea for navit, please visit their website to find out how often they update the database.

On OSM the tiles of the different zoom levels are rendered at different moments. And your browser cache can keep showing an older version of a tile. As for the navigation on the osm.org website, this data is provided by third party providers. They normally update their data every couple of days.

Search for this topic on help.openstreetmap.org and you will find a lot of similar questions and perhaps additional resources you can consult.

Thank you escada, I’ll look further on the resources that you have mentioned. :slight_smile: