OSM navigation through morocco


in the next few weeks i want to travel through morocco. I planned to use Osmand for navigation.

I want to know if anybody know if the osm map from morocco is good enough to do this trip, also in cities.

Does anybody know about this?

thank you

I fear you have to investigate that on your own.

Try to find all towns you want to go via Osmand’s offline search.

And you can also display a route that Osmand will find on the screen if you define the destination point and secondly the starting point. Just for simulation purpose.

Maybe as a backup you can install mapFactor Navigator free on your android device, as well.

I did a trip of Morocco before the license change and OSM worked quite good in the big cities and ok in smaller cities and many rural areas. Not sure how much has been lost in the license change, but I suspect it will still be quite good.

So, i did my trip through the country and visited a lots of big cities of morocco with car. The summary is, the moroccan map of osm is good. You can travel with it for example in the medina of marrakech, fez, casablanca etc… without problems. Sometimes i found some streets in osm which not exist (it was in agadir) And sometimes the road classifications are wrong.