OSM maps possible for old Garmin etrex Vista C ?

I have an old Garmin etrex Vista C (no SD card, old GPS chipset), but it still works good :slight_smile:
Is there a way to get this device working with maps from OSM?
I know that the OSM maps can be converted for and have to be registered for Mapsource.
Currently, i only use a garmin map in Mapsource.
In Mapsource i can select tiles, that should be transferred to the device.
With a garmin map loaded in Mapsource, i can only transfer and store 4 tiles on the device, but thats ok for me.
Somebody ever tried to get an Garmin etrex Vista C work with OSM ?
Thanks for all hints.

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Yes, OSM maps should work fine.

I tried it today, downloaded and installed the latest openmtbmap in mapsource.
Then i selected a tile in mapsource and transferred it to the etrec vista c without any problems.
The spec of the etrex vista c says that it has 24MB of internal memory for maps.
The tile i selected was about 8MB without routing data.
After starting the etrex the osm map worked.
The only drawback after a quick test is, that redrawing the map takes a few seconds, even with map details set to “minimal”.
The display is still a bit crowded with a lot of details.
I think the CPU is busy with too many details of the map, with the garmin topo map redrawing was faster.
And 24MB internal memory is not much, only enough for one or two tiles.

Anyway, for cycling/mtb i will use my GPSMAP 60 CSx.
But for hiking - where speed, accuracy and latest gps chipset is not so important - my old vista c will maybe still in use.
Haven’t tested the etrex vista c with osm in real use so far…

Btw, is the successor etrex vista HCx also very slow when redrawing osm maps?
Does anybody know, if the CPU was improved between vista C and vista HCx or only card slot and new sirfIII chipset added?

@Erlanger, who is dreaming of a GPSmap 62st
For what I have seen on my GPSmap 78s, the redrawing of the OSM maps isn’t much faster then on my 60CSx, when used in a car.

That’s a shame, I really would have hoped they would have upgraded the processor by now. I find my 76csx quite slow sometimes too.

Does someone know, if garmin changed the CPU from GPSMAP 60CSx to GPSMAP 62s ?
If not, buying a 62s would be no real improvement…
The specs don’t mention anything about the CPU…

Yes, I would like to know too. I would expect the same hardware platform as e.g. the colorado to be used but if the 62 isn’t faster then the 60 series then there’s no reason to upgrade :expressionless:

When I use Topo NL, the 78s is faster then my 60CSx, only with OSM I don’t see much improvement.

I think you have to see it with your own eyes,.
IMHO the screen of the 78s is a very very very little less bright than on the 60 CSX, but the OSM routable on the 60 has a sort of yellow background and on the 78s a sort of blue/gray. (I don’t use type files)
When driving in a car on the highway with the 60CSx I often see blank parts at the egde of the map, I see this also on the 78s but smaller. (top of screen is north on both)
When the 78s has to recalculate a route than it is much faster then the CSx.
For what I understand, the 78 is the same as the Oregon, only with buttons, and a screen where can see something on it without using the backlight.

Switching off the basemap DEM has a positive effect on the screenbuilding speed.