OSM Maps for book


I’m trying to find a way to include custom maps into my book project. As OSM is open source i thought that it might be a great starting point. What i want is to create high res images (vector preferred) of maps to include them on several pages in a book.

The point is that I don’t want the standard osm style but sth. very basic (black/white) like this:


and combine it with a colored path or POIs.

Is there any Tool i could use to create such maps? Ideally even have a few good styles (like the one above) i can change to my needs.


Have you seen http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/SVG ?

Thank you. But that only covers the last step - right?
The harder part for me is to render the map as i want it and include Tracks, Pois,…

Maperitive covers all the rendering process. http://maperitive.net/docs/TwoMinutesIntro.html
You can define custom rendering rules. http://maperitive.net/docs/Rendering_Rules_Introduction.html
Depending on your needs, customizing the rendering rules IS the hardest part…