OSM maps for Basecamp and GARMIN devices ... in straightjacket ?

When installing a downloaded OSM map on a Windows PC, the installer automatically creates the following folder on your PC to install the files which can be used by MapSource or BasCamp C:\Garmin\Maps\OSM generic routable
There is no choice offered for the folder’s path, into which the OSM-map will be installed.
However, if this folder is renamed (to something which makes more sense (like Country_Area, D_Köln, FR_Lyon) , BaseCamp cannot detect anymore the newly installed OSM-map.


  1. Is my statement above correct ?
  2. Is renaming that map eventually possible using following information found in FAQ’s ?:
  1. A similar question arises, considering installation on the Garmin devices.
    Do we encounter the same problem, which is to keep original name for any OSM-map ?
    Can we change the OSM-map standard name to a more practical name on the SD-card of the Garmin units ? Could the application “JaVaWa GMTK” offer a turnaround solution in this case ?

Or is it mandatory that different maps always keep the same (downloaded filename) standard name: osm_generic_gmapsupp as the only name that your Garmin device will detect ?

Thank you

Ik heb begrepen dat bij een installatie van een nieuwe OSM map (op Windows PC) deze automatisch wordt gezet in de map C:\Garmin\Maps\OSM generic routable\

(Er is blijkbaar geen mogelijkheid met de installer om een andere map te kiezen.)

Als men na de installatie BaseCamp opent, kan de nieuwe kaart inderdaad worden gevonden en getoond.
Van zodra ik die map een zinvollere naam geef met (bv Land_Streek ; bv.D_Köln) wordt de kaart niet meer gevonden door BaseCamp.

Vragen :

  1. Is het juist wat ik hierboven vertel ?

  2. Is herbenaming van die map eventueel mogelijk op te lossen met wat ik in FAQ vond :

  1. Terzijde (nu voor de Garmin devices zelf) Zitten wij daar met het zelfde probleem ?
    Desgevallend, is een herbenaming mogelijk op de SD kaart van een Garmin device ?
    Of blijft met de verplichting om voor elke OSM-kaart dezelfde standaard-benaming te behouden ? Desgevallend is hier ook een omzeiling mogelijk voor automatische herbenoeming (vanuit een zinvolle naam) naar een “standaard” welke door het Garmin device wordt herkend ?


Your observations are not correct, you can adapt the path during the installation

You should never rename this folder afterwards (unless with special tools like GMTK), because it is kept in the windows registry.

That is correct

NO, never rename the default garmin directory into something else. It makes the map unfindable.
Javawa GMTK is not the proper tool, for the device management, use Javawa’s devicemanager.

No, that is the name of the zip file. If you unpack it you will find the default gmapsupp.img mapset. This is the default name which all Garmin’s can read. If you have a modern unit you can rename the file to something.img and store more of these on your SD card, but beware, always in the same garmin directory!

I saw a comment on the web for etrex 20 that maps should be in C:\Garmin and that a microsdhc card should be set up similarly with a “Garmin” folder in the root directory and maps should be placed there. I also found that JaVaWa Device Manager would not change the family ID of maps from garmin.openstreetmap.nl but the solution was to select maps for more than one country as one download. In etrex 20 you can rename the maps to whateveryouwant.img. The JaVaWa Device Manager allows you to change file names and how Basecamp sees the maps’ names. I also found that if you are looking on the etrex 20 for routes/tracks, places etc relating to OSM maps for different countries, which are on the sdhc card, you don’t have to disable the other maps.


  • You can store Garmin maps on your computer anywhere, doesn’t have to be particular on C:\Garmin
  • Javawa GMTK is the right programm to change the family ID of maps from garmin.openstreetmap.nl
  • Disabling other routable maps is necessary if you want to make routes.